Satan’s demons know Rabbi Yeshua and Rabbi Paul by name. “Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are you?” Acts 19:15. But do they fear us because Rabbi Yeshua our protector is so effective against them? An exorcist friend told me some years ago, “I know them and they know me.” He had no fear of the demons because Rabbi Yeshua’s power protected him. Are we Rabbi Yeshua’s warriors Eph 6:11, or lukewarm Rev 3:16? There’s still time, report for warrior training immediately!

The Fall of the Angels tells us more about Satan’s origin. The Satan Detector tells us more about how to recognize him.

Satan Before Rabbi Yeshua

Judaism finds its understanding of Satan in the Book of Job. Jews believe that no spirit opposes God. In the Book of Job, Satan is a spirit who faithfully fulfills his task of enticing people to sin. The Hebrew word satan means an accuser. At the moment of death, in the Jewish understanding, the satan calls out each man’s sins, pushing his defending angel to work harder at finding more merits in his life to present to God before the moment of judgment.

We find a similar relationship between the yetzer tov (impulse to do God’s will) and the yetzer ra (impulse to do our own will). In the Jewish understanding, the yetzer ra wasn’t entirely evil. For instance, the yetzer tov might say, “Study the Torah all day and all night.” But the yetzer ra might say, “Yes, but take some time to earn a living, marry a wife, and beget children.”

Satan After Rabbi Yeshua

Rabbi Yeshua reveals Satan as pure evil, a liar and a murderer Jn 8:44, which break the Fifth and Eighth Commandments. Satan got himself, and a third of the angels who followed him, kicked out of heaven down to earth Lk 10:18. He can no longer make war against God, so he makes war on God’s image and likeness Gen 1:26-27, each one of us, trying to keep us out of heaven.

Rabbi Yeshua uses Satan’s evil against him. After the Fall of Adam, God promised a Redeemer Gen 3:15 by using the words “her seed.” Seed comes from a man. “Her seed” could only have been a virgin birth. Isaiah told us that God promised that an almah would give birth to the Redeemer. God uses Satan’s evil to do good. During each Easter Vigil Mass we sing the Exsultet. 11:20 Rabbi Yeshua’s Final Sacrifice made the Original Sin a felix culpa, “happy fault,” because by it heaven was opened, an infinitely greater paradise than Eden ever was.

When Satan saw Rabbi Yeshua incarnate, he concluded that Rabbi Yeshua’s mission had to be supremely important, so he, Satan, had to find a way to stop him before his mission could be completed. Satan arranged for Rabbi Yeshua to be crucified. He didn’t realize until it was too late that the Crucifixion was the mission!

Some Catholics wonder whether Rabbi Yeshua is doing it again. Is the Church following her Lord in his death and Resurrection § 677 now? If so, is Pope Leo XIII’s 1884 vision of a conversation actually Rabbi Yeshua using Disobedient Catholics in some way not yet revealed to give us Hope for the Glory? The Holy Father’s vision was private revelation § 67, so we may believe it or not, but it is possible.

Two Priests

On this page we will read about two priests, Father John Vianney and Padre Pio, who during their earthly lives came under demonic attack. Such attacks are certainly frightening at the time they occur, but remember that Rabbi Yeshua is in charge. Both priests today are canonized saints, now known as St. John Vianney and St. Pio of Pietrelcina, which means we are absolutely certain that they entered heaven straight from earthly life, and will be in heaven for all eternity.

Temptation can come through any of three sources: the world, the flesh, and the devil. The world is the earthly life that surrounds us. The flesh is our own fallen nature. The devil is Satan with all his demons.

The World: From time to time, an evil thought or graphic image comes into our minds. It can come from the world, for instance, from a movie we've recently seen that was designed to put evil thoughts into our minds, or from a woman who was dressed and acting in a way calculated to incite lustful thoughts in us.

The Flesh: It can come from the flesh, from interior desires of our own soul, which we had cultivated for our earthly pleasure at some time in the past.

The Devil: When, however, it appears to come from nowhere, an evil thought or image may well have been incited by a demon intent on our spiritual harm.


Persons who succumb to Satan's temptations but do not available themselves of Rabbi Yeshua’s protection often experience infestation. Infestation is an extraordinary action of the devil in which he seeks to terrify by horrible apparitions or noises.

However, holy men and women who have unusual levels of contact with the demonic may also experience infestation. St. John Vianney was a holy priest who, while serving as the Curé of Ars, came under constant attack by demons.

From EWTN's account of St. John Vianney’s life:

The powers of darkness opened the attack in the winter of 1824. In the stillness of a frosty night terrific blows were struck against the presbytery door and wild shouting could be heard coming, so it seemed, from the little yard in front of the house. For a moment the Cure suspected the presence of burglars so that he asked the village wheelwright, one Andre Verchere, to spend the following night at the presbytery. It proved an exciting night for that worthy. Shortly after midnight there suddenly came a fearful rattling and battering of the front door whilst within the house a noise was heard as if several heavy carts were being driven through the rooms. Andre seized his gun, looked out of the window but saw nothing except the pale light of the moon: "For a whole quarter of an hour the house shook—and so did my legs," the would-be defender subsequently confessed. The following evening he received another invitation to spend the night at the presbytery but Andre had had enough. Astonishingly, St. John Vianney experienced a variety of such demonic attacks for about 20 years, possibly because he spent a great deal of time in the Confessional and thereby led vast numbers of souls from the state of mortal sin to the state of grace.

From EWTN's account of St. John Vianney’s life:

It may be said that the confessional was M. Vianney's habitual abode. Even in the depth of winter he daily spent from eleven to twelve hours in that penitential box. The peak of the "pilgrimage" was reached in 1845. At that time there were, on an average, some three to four hundred visitors each day. The railway tickets issued at Lyons had to be made available for eight days, for it was well known that a visitor often had to wait all that time before he could hope to speak to the Saint. In the last year of the Cure's life the number of pilgrims reached the amazing total of 100 to 120 thousand persons. Parties of pilgrims often camped in the open, for there were only five hostelries in the village and these self-styled hotels could only accommodate some 150 guests between them.However, we should emphasize that most instances of demonic infestation occur to persons who have dabbled with the occult or in other ways opened themselves to Satan's influence.


Demonic obsession goes beyond infestation. It occurs when a person more fully opens himself to demonic influence, often through unnatural preoccupation with the demonic. Recall that Rabbi Yeshua encourages us to become preoccupied with himself, whereupon he exerts greater influence on us. But where Rabbi Yeshua’s influence on us is always for our good, a demon's influence has terrifying consequences. Obsession among holy priests occurs very rarely. St. Pio of Pietrelcina lived an extraordinary life, but one part of it was his constant contact with the demonic. The Devil attacked Padre Pio with numerous types of temptations.

The Devil appeared as young girls that danced naked, as a crucifix, as a young friend of the monks, as the Spiritual Father or as the Provincial Father; as Pope Pius X, a Guardian Angel, as St. Francis and as Our Lady.” The Devil has also appeared in his horrible forms with an army of infernal spirits. There were other times when Padre Pio was approached by the Devil but without any apparition. He was troubled with deafening noises and covered with spittle, etc. Padre Pio succeeded in freeing himself from these attacks of the Devil by invoking the name of Jesus.

The demons who attacked him tried to make him stop his extraordinary gift for protecting souls:

The struggle between Padre Pio and Satan became more difficult when Padre Pio freed the souls possessed by the Devil. Father Tarcisio of Cervinara said, "More than once, before leaving the body of a possessed, the Devil has shouted, "Padre Pio, you give us more trouble than St. Michael"; also, "Father Pio don't steal the bodies from us and we won't bother you." On another occasion:
  • Satan went beyond all the limits of deception when he went to Father Pio pretending to be a penitent. This is the Father Pio’s testimony: “One day, while I was hearing confessions, a man came to the confessional where I was. He was tall, handsome, dressed with some refinement and he was kind and polite. He started to confess his sins, which were of every kind: against God, against man and against the morals. All the sins were obnoxious! I was disoriented, in fact for all the sins that he told me, but I responded to him with God’s Word, the example of the Church, and the morals of the Saints. But the enigmatic penitent answered me word for word, justifying his sins, always with extreme ability and politeness. He excused all the sinful actions, making them sound quite normal and natural, even comprehensible on the human level. He continued this way with the sins that were gruesome against God, Our Lady, the Saints, always using disrespectful round-about argumentation. He kept this up even with the foulest of sins that could be conjured in the mind of a most sinful man. The answers that he gave me with such skilled subtlety and malice surprised me. I wondered: who is he? What world does he come from? And I tried to look at him in order to read something on his face. At the same time I concentrated on every word he spoke, trying to discover any clue to his identity. But suddenly; through a vivid, radiant and internal light I clearly recognized who he was. With a sound and imperial tone I told him: “Say long live Jesus, long live Mary!” As soon as I pronounced these sweet and powerful names, Satan instantly disappeared in a trickle of fire, leaving behind him an unbearable stench.
When external, the demon's attack is on the external senses of the body. When internal, it influences our imagination or memory, introducing dark and despairing thoughts that can lead to suicide. However, in cases of obsession the demon does not take possession of the whole person.


Possession goes beyond obsession. It occurs when the demon takes over and uses the entire person. However, even then the person's mind and soul remain out of the demon's reach. The possessed person knows that he is possessed, but is usually not strong enough to do anything about it.

In some cases the demon will threaten the possessed person that if he tries to pray for help the demon will kill him. However, we remember that Satan is always a liar Jn 8:44. Rabbi Yeshua limits what the demons can do to us. Rabbi Marcus tells of a demoniac, a man possessed by many demons, who, when he saw Rabbi Yeshua, ran to worship him Mk 5:6.

Broadly, there are three signs of demonic possession:
  • Unexplained physical phenomena. These could include levitation, the uncaused movement of objects, knowledge of archaic languages such as Aramaic that the person could not have known, or knowledge of another person's private life that no one else could know.
  • Hatred of God, which would also include hatred of the Blessed Virgin, the saints, or the Cross, or even sacred images.
  • Hateful actions, such as acts of anger and violence or blasphemous and sacrilegious statements.
Demons are often obsessed with locality. We would not expect this when dealing with spirits, but demons often want to be in a particular place. When Rabbi Yeshua forced the demons to leave the man Mk 5:8, they went into the nearby pigs, which rushed down a steep bank into the sea where they drowned Mk 5:13.

Satan and Progressivism

The art of lying about a big idea started a long time ago. Satan has been trying to conceal his identity for thousands of years.

Progressive historians began describing the interval from the fifth century to the fifteenth century as the Dark Ages. It was a time of unparalleled Catholic intellectual development. St. John Chrysostom, St. Jerome, St. Augustine of Hippo, St. Cyril of Alexandria, St. Peter Chrysologous, St. Leo the Great, St. Gregory the Great, St. Isidore of Seville, St. John of Damascus, St. Bede the Venerable, St. Peter Damian, St. Anselm, St. Bernard of Clairvaux, St. Anthony of Padua, St. Albert the Great, St. Bonaventure, St. Thomas Aquinas, and St. Catherine of Siena were all Doctors of the Church who wrote during that era. Also, during this era, St. Benedict of Nursia also established Catholic monastic orders through his Rule of St. Benedict. During that entire thousand-year interval the Catholic Church brought into being strong religious orders, many of them headed by women at a time when women were elsewhere regarded as chattel. These religious orders brought into being the first universities and hospitals. During those “dark ages” the Church was a shining beacon of light. The same Progressive historians referred to the late seventeenth to late eighteenth century as the Age of Enlightenment because during that time a secular movement arose against the Church, darkening our intellect and weakening our wills.

Margaret Thatcher, In her book Statecraft, wrote: “Socialists have always spent much of their time seeking new titles for their beliefs, because the old versions so quickly become outdated and discredited.” The progressive programs initially pass Congress because people believe the false bill names. The Affordable Care Act passed amid promises that it would reduce costs. After it passed, the unions that were its biggest backers received waivers because its costs were prohibitive. So many Americans derisively called it Obamacare that even Obama himself began calling it that.

But they always fail in the end. The proof is that progressives keep changing the terminology. When something is popular they rarely change the name. The big progressive climate program began in the 1970s by calling itself global cooling. A new ice age would soon be upon us. Then they noticed temperatures were gradually increasing, so they called for the same solutions but changed the program name to global warming. Then nearly two decades passed without any global warming at all. Well, if the climate wasn’t cooling, and it wasn’t warming, common sense would say there’s no problem. But progressive scientists had grown accustomed to the climate research grants, so they began calling the great danger climate change. None of the climate scientists has publicly noticed that we have immense hemispheric climate change each year, when the northern hemisphere in many places would go from ice cold in winter to blazing hot in summer and back again, while the southern hemisphere had the opposite temperatures. This had been going on for millions of years and nobody seemed to have a problem with it, but the progressives still wanted to spend money on programs to battle climate change. We may presume the objective will be climate sameness.

Progressives noticed that people didn’t like big spending programs, so they began calling them investment programs. And they were afraid people would think things like investments in electric and solar powered cars were idiotic investments because they kept going bankrupt, so they began calling them wise investments.

Then they discovered that people didn’t like food stamp programs, perhaps because the bureaucrats kept trying to push more and more onto them. So they began calling them SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs). When that name wears out its welcome they’ll come up with something else.

Progressives also discovered that Americans didn’t want their gun control programs. You would think they’d simply give up on the idea, but they began calling the same rejected policies gun safety programs. And they wanted to control carbon dioxide, but Americans pointed out that carbon dioxide helps green plants to thrive, so they began calling their program carbon pollution. Exactly the same stuff, but now it sounded like black dust from a volcano.

Progressives who didn’t like the plain meaning of Scripture, legal, and other authority-based texts wanted to re-interpret them as opposed to their prevailing views. Re-interpreting sounded as if the progressive “scholar” was cheating, imposing a meaning the author never intended, so they came up with de-construction.

Finally, people didn’t like illegal aliens. They were aliens (non-US citizens) who had entered the United States illegally. Progressives wanted as many as possible, seeing them as future Democrat voters. So they began trying to replace illegal with undocumented. The alien part highlighted that they were not United States citizens so they replaced that with workers. But many of them did not find jobs, so workers became a problem. Recent terms have included migrants and displaced foreign travelers.